Plenary Speakers

Dr Dmitry Sokoloff
Moscow State University
Biological Faculty
Higher Plants Department
Moscow, Russia

Dr Franz Essl
University of Vienna
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research
Vienna, Austria


Dr Alexander Sennikov
University of Helsinki
Finnish Museum of Natural History
Helsinki, Finland

Dr Monika Janišová
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Plant Science and Biodiversity Center
Institute of Botany
Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republik

Dr Karol Marhold
Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre,
Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Charles University, Prague,
and Secretary-General of International Association for Plant Taxonomy,
Slovak Republic & Czech Republic

Dr Marjan Niketić
Natural History Museum, Belgrade, Serbia


The 7th Balkan Botanical Congress consists of plenary lectures, opening lectures of each session, as well as oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  1. Plant Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Plant Taxonomy and Systematics
  3. Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics
  4. Floristics, Vegetation and Phtytogeography
  5. Conservation Botany and Plant Invasion
  6. Phytochemistry and Plant Resources
  7. Agronomy and Forestry
  8. Botanical Collections and History
  9. Ethnobotany
  10. Cryptogam Biology

Please be so kind and wisely choose the most appropriate topic for your abstract(s), but note that Members of the Scientific Committee may change the selected topic if choice is not the most suitable.