Program of the 7th Balkan Botanical Congress includes plenary lectures of invited speakers and submitted oral and poster presentations. The official language of the Congress is English, and all participants are kindly invited to prepeare their presentation in English.

In case of too many submitted oral presentations, the Organizing and Scientific Committee reserve their rights to change to the poster form. In that case, the presenting author will be informed via e-mail on the Committees’ decision.

Poster schedule

Poster session setup and removal

Poster Presentations

The posters have to include the following sections: the title, name of the author(s), affiliation and acknowledgement. Handouts of the posters are encouraged.

The size of the poster should not exceed the size of 90 x 120 cm (width x height) and it has to be made in portrait format.

Stickers for poster’s setting-up will be available on registration desk.

Oral Presentations

All presentations must be available to the Congress technical Committe on USB memory stick at least 15 minutes before each session and should be made in Microsoft Power Point or Prezi.

The Plenary Speakers will have 40 minutes available for their presentations, while Regular Oral Presentations will last 10 minutes, and disccussion is saved for the end of each session.

Should presentation exceeds the time limit it will be cut off by the moderators of the each session in the best interest of participants and organizers.

Publication of plenary and opening lectures of each session

Plenary lectures and opening lectures of each session will be published within Biologia Serbica, the official journal of Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

More information about Biologia Serbica is available on

Publication of submitted abstracts and papers

The Journal Botanica Serbica is official journal of the Institute of Botany and “Jevremovac” Botanical Garden of the University of Belgrade. Today, it is an international peer reviewed journal, edited by an internationally recognized Editorial Board, published twice per year, both online and print. The Journal was founded 1928 and named Bulletin of the Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden Belgrade. In 1998 the Journal changed its name to Botanica Serbica. Since the Journal celebrates 90 years of publishing next year, all submitted abstracts presented within 7th Balkan Botanical Congress will be published as a special issue of the Journal.

More information about Botanica Serbica is available on